TimePilot Tap+

Software for Tap+

These programs are included on the CD that came with your system, but if your PC does not have a CD/DVD drive or you've lost your CD, you can download them here.

We suggest downloading and installing the programs in the order they appear below.

ReportsTimePilot IV Crystal Reports Prerequisite. This program allows you to generate reports from the data collected by your system.

TimePilot CentralTimePilot IV Central. This is the heart of the TimePilot timeclock system. In TimePilot Central, which is password-protected, you can set up employees, create or change your company's policies (overtime, holiday schedule, etc.), monitor employee transactions and generate reports.

Tap ManagerTimePilot IV Tap Manager. Tap Manager acts as the middleman between your TimePilot Tap+ timeclock and the TimePilot Central software. It only needs to be running when you're downloading data from your Tap clock.